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    In my family, my brother and I get around $500 for Christmas. Sometimes we get it in cash sometimes my mom just buys what she wants for us, or what we tell her.
    My mom didn't buy me a single thing for Christmas, she bought all items for my unborn son.
    She said that if she didn't buy them for me, she was worried I might buy them from Walmart... No shame in my game, I'm a college student and yesss I love Walmart! But, I just found this incredibly rude that she said that to me. Don't get me wrong, she bought my baby a lot of nice things and I'm really really thankful, I just couldn't believe it... I'm sitting there opening everything and she's like, Sorry, I had to do this... no grandchild of mine will have to use cheap baby products. I'm highly upset.

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    At least you got to open up some sort of gifts - there's lots of adults and CHILDREN that have parents that shop at the "Freaking NOTHING store"!

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