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    Colocation, additionally know as colocation and some of the time collocation, is a server hosting service where the client's physical server is set at an outsider data center. The client buys their own server equipment and software licenses and place them in a data center. In this sort of hosting, clients have the flexibility to manage, secure and keep up their servers while the server farm gives the server space, security, repetition, controlled air temperature, UPS and oversaw server solutions. Colocation hosting is likely the most costly kind of server hosting and is preferred by individuals who are knowledgeable about server organization.
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    Colocation (also known as ‘co-location’ or ‘colo’) is the practice of housing privately-owned servers and networking equipment in a third party data centre. Instead of keeping servers in-house, in offices or at a private data centre, companies can choose to ‘co-locate’ their equipment by renting space in a colocation centre. Therefore, unlike other kinds of hosting, where customers can rent space on a server owned by a hosting provider, with colocation the customer already owns the server and rents the required physical space to house it within a data centre.

    Let’s look at some of the advantages of colocation in more detail:

    1. Availability
    2. Business continuity
    3. Security
    4. Scaling
    5. Costs of datacenter operations
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    One thing people usually forget to look at with colo is the cost of remote hands and shipping. It is worth it for large scale operations, high-spec servers, or long term usage. It is unlikely to be worth it for low-spec servers or if you only need a single server (at least compared to dedicated servers.)
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