Hiya, im a university student and about to move into a new flat with 3 friends in a months time.
We are only looking for a broadband package and we are currently interested in going with virgin media.....
We aren't too sure which one to take....
We will pay either a 9 month or a 12 month contract, its not that which is concerning us, its quality more than anything. All 4 of us, would be on the internet for a few hours every day, most would watch bbc iplayer, listen to the radio, download a few music tracks etc off our laptops, which one would you personally say would be best for us?
As I know my company at home overcharge me when I exceed my "streaming limit" at a fiver a time. We really want to have a company/package that will more than cover our usage as between 4 people, any charges could result in a hefty amount due which we really cant afford.
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!