Well I've been going out/dating this guy for about 2 months and it's getting a little serious since we want to meet each others parents. Problem is when i first met him months before we started dating, I got so nervous and told him I was 19, it just slipped out since I had no idea if he would still talk to me.

He's 22 and I'm 17, the age of consent here is 17 so no legal problems. I've been stressing out so much about this since he's such a amazing and easy going person and we've admitted some feelings for each other. I don't wanna keep this from him anymore and I'd rather tell him now then find out on his own.

I just need some advice on how to tell him before/if we enter a serious relationship and some encouragement. He's an understanding guy but I don't know how he'll react. I'm not looking for any type of lectures, since I know this was a huge mistake and I honestly didn't know we would end up this far.

I'm trying to do this as soon as possible, so some tips would help so much.