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    Default Ingra Battles of Tallahassee, Florida?

    Ingra Battles is a 35 year old female that lives in Tallahassee, florida and is currently the owner of Miss T's Sets in Havana, Florida. She has HIV and she is currently having reckless/unprotected sex with men without telling them she is infected with HIV. She appears to be healthy and is quite attractive but she has been infected with HIV for over 14 years now. I was one of her victims. Fortunately i did not contract her disease but I underwent a great amount of stress and depression as i waited anxiously for 6 months for my hiv test results to return. im posting this information to save more lives from Ingra. I knew something was wrong when she refused to take a blood test. I went to the police to report her but they said it would take a while to pull her health records from the Health Department . When we were together, i was told by Ingra's best friend that Ingra was sleeping with her current business partner and that she had 4 additional partners during the time we were dating. I'm sure her partner does not know of her STD. In my opinion, Ingra Battles is a cold hearted ******* and a murderer. She should be locked up for manslaughter. Instead, she is free to live in this society with people who want to live long lives and she preys on them with her innocent appereance, good looks, and sweet talk She is viewed to be sweet by most but she is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Something should be done about this. If any of Ingra's current partners happen to read this message, please RUN!!!! And if you don't believe me, ask her for proof of her blood test. You will never get it. She will try to trick you by saying she will set up a telephonic meeting with her doctor so that you can listen in for the doctor to confirm that she does not have HIV.......but it will never happen. If she does present a blood test, look closely because her blood count is low sometimes, but she still has HIV and you will get infected. She puts the blame on her ex-boyfriend Martin,( a guy from Africa), but Martin beat her up pretty bad and broke up with her, so that means that she possibly infected him. Also, i am aware of defamation laws and i guarantee that all this information is true. Any comments?

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    Default Re: Ingra Battles of Tallahassee, Florida?

    Thats filthy
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    Default Re: Ingra Battles of Tallahassee, Florida?

    Very useful post thanks for sharing.

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