Facebook Ad Accounts Information:

  • All accounts are USA based.
  • Currency is US Dollars.
  • PLUG & PLAY - add your own CC and Go.
  • Each account has FULL activity, including page.
  • Thresholds come at $250, following our guide, within a couple of days, you will hit a $750 threshold.
  • Reach 5K spend within 10 days.
  • We are happy to add the CC for you and get the ad account spending prior to delivery. We have a great deal of experience doing this and it will make your use of the account seamless.
  • Trusted accounts.
  • Business Manager ad accounts.
  • The fact is that these are the best accounts. We guarantee that. For more details, including information that we cannot disclose here, please contact us.

Account Lifetime:

How long an account last depends on you and your campaigns, if you know what you are doing and follow the guide, it will last months. If you don