im a junior in highschool, and they keep telling me to start looking into schools. well im almost positive i want to do something in english or something creative?
i was thinking photo journalisum, or photography but i hear both are very liked careers and i want to do something that im going to have a good chance of becoming a member of that workforce right after college, not something im going to have to wait a long time for a position to come open. also i need to go to school in kentucky, what colleges should i attend and what degree should i obtain and major in?
what can i do with a major in English?
in very into animals also and no a lot about them, would a vet be a good choice? what kind of schooling would i need for that and what colleges in kentucky have that kind of class options?

what other jobs can think of that i may be interested in? what do you do for a living?