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    Default Iphone Cases dropshipping!

    Hello SEO community. This is my first post I'm completely new on this website basically I have some Iphone cases in stock can show you photos as well also I'm doing free shipping you just have to pay the cost.
    All my cases is $5 each but the problem is I can only ship in U.S and U.K
    I posted some photo of cases on my instagram account you can check as well /5dollarshop I made this new account just few hours ago.
    I don't want to scam pepole you can order only 1 case 1st which is only for $5 to check that we are legit or not.
    Because I don't want to loose my customers. If you want to talk DM me on my Insta account.

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    Default Re: Iphone Cases dropshipping!

    I agree with this post.

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    Default Re: Iphone Cases dropshipping!

    Thank you sir.i agree with you

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