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    Default What Is Windows VPS And Hyper-V VPS

    Windows vps server is a type of vps hosting that provides you the ability to maintain complete and dedicated server control, functionality, back up and reboots but still keep the best features of shared hosting such as managed operating system updates, security patches and shared hosting.

    When you need a positive feature of a dedicated server matched with the prices then you need to take a look at windows vps. This virtual server offers some items and the one that are best for your needs. The advantages of using this vps server include playing video games or when you use your computer for entertainment, this server will give you the reliability that you need. Also for the internet based business’s you will need to use a windows vps server that can afford you some of the isolation that you need.

    Hyper-V Windows VPS virtualization technology

    Hyper-v vps server is not just a VPS it is powered by Microsoft Hyper-V. This is a hypervisor based technology that provides true hardware virtualization and isolation from other virtual system on the physical server. This gives you a dedicated memory, dedicated disk space and a dedicated IP address and you can do “anything” you want with this server. You can run a database and also a website. With the windows side, you can access windows vps with remote desktop web connection, reboot, resume, pause and so much more. With this server, you are assured a large and powerful benefit to those who are developed on the Microsoft platform.

    Hyper-v vps virtualization platform is quite superior to many other virtualization platforms as users get their own dedicated operating system and completely isolated from other virtual systems on the same physical server. The main features of this vps server are complete operating system isolation, full administrative level access via remote desktop, private IP address and a guaranteed resource level. This windows vps hosting is ideal for e-commerce, high traffic sites and online application, it just makes your online activities fun and worthwhile. Windows hyper-v vps is sure a key feature of server virtualization that has potential serious economic benefits. The server allows you to make the best use of windows vps server hardware investments by consolidating multiple server roles as separate windows on a single physical machine. With it you can efficiently run multiple different operating systems. This vps server offers similar features to dedicated server at a lower cost. Using this system is like getting quality at a cheaper cost. - Windows VPS hosting by ? Dedicated hardware ? MS Hyper-V technology ?

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    When we mention Windows VPS we mean a Virtual Private Server that runs the operating system from Microsoft known as Windows Server. There are a number of different versions of Windows server in use today, some using less system resources than others. When we mention Linux VPS we mean any Linux based operating system running on a Virtual Private Server. Since there are far more flavors of Linux than Windows we won't go into too much detail on the different operating systems suffice it to say that the majority of them are free, with the exception of a few enterprise Linux distributions that come bundled with tech support (such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux).
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