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    Default AngularJS Development and Consulting Services

    AngularJS is a solid JavaScript framework that was designed and developed by dedicated developers simplify front-end development. With AngularJS, designers can use HTML as the template language and it allows for the extension of HTML's syntax to convey the application's components effortlessly. It aims to simplify the testing and the developing of such applications. Mobiweb Technologies, an offshore AngularJS development company, provides services across the globe and is committed to deliver high quality AngularJS development services.

    Why Choose AngularJS?

    1. Large community
    2. Declarative code style
    3. Using directives
    4. Fast development time
    5. MVC out of the box
    6. Modularity
    7. Two-way data binding
    8. Testing simplicity

    Advantages of AngularJS for Frontend Development

    1. Enhanced design architecture
    2. Easy development
    3. Easy Plug and Play
    4. Quick development
    5. Easy learning

    About Mobiweb technologies

    A well-established and renowned AngularJs development company, Mobiweb brings you the great solutions and support for amazing open source web application framework. We specialize in AngularJS web and mobile application development. Our AngularJS developers use the latest features and functionalities to create the most advanced enterprise and user applications.

    Hire AngularJS Developer for absolute solution

    Mobiweb provides you dedicated AngularJS developers on hourly basis, part time and full time. Our AngularJS developers possess the following skills including PHP, Ruby on Rails & .Net, CSS 3, HTML5, Ajax, Jquery and many else.
    Visit our official website at to know more about us or mail your query at [email protected].

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    Default Re: AngularJS Development and Consulting Services

    I agree with this post.

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AngularJS Development and Consulting Services
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