HK Web Hosting

1. No need to put on a record for your websites, unrestricted content, unmetered traffic;
2. Hong Kong and Taiwan Web hosting are particularly suitable for foreign trading company and those customers who are eager to use their sites. Connectivity to the Mainland, Japan, Europe and America is very fast. Meanwhile, effectively address the issues of internal north-south interconnection.
3. More secure and stable for Data. Network export deploys Hong Kong, Taiwan and other convenient, safe and reliable routes;
4. Assistance provided to a variety of software such as discuz, ecshop, and Shopex;
5. Support multiple subsites, multiple binding domain, powerful control background, statistical reports for visit record, supports WAP protocols;
6. 7x24 hours service support;
7. Reduce costs, and achieve best cost-performance ratio.
8. We deploy Hong Kong DYX formal lines. Best speed, quality, stability connectivity guaranteed;
Because several web hostings share one real hosting, the price of hardware, network maintainance, communication lines of each web hosting would be reduced by a large margin, therefore, Internet becomes the real one that people could afford.
9. Website construction efficiency improved. V&Web provides professional support, which can effectively help you improve website efficiency. It takes long time to buy a server and install the operating system and applications while renting Web hosting usually takes a few minutes only.

Hong Kong Web Hosting
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