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    Default Network Connection Issues?

    Recently bought a new laptop, everything has been working fine. Now I'm having problems with the network adapter. Checked what the problem was an is can up with "wireless network connection doesn't have a valid ip configuration" I have had the internet working on it before now its just doesn't work. Its not a problem with the router as that has internet and 2 other computers in the house still connect to it and get internet.

    Any feedback wound be great cheers.

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    k seem you laptop is not able to get any ip address ... so ... just assing a ip address manally..

    check the ip address in you other computer ... start -- cmd -- ipconfig ...

    check the ip address if it is for example that at you laptop just give it ... just change the last number ever thing else would be exactly the same that you see in you desktop..

    and then connect..... another probable reason is that you have not enterned the password correctly if you have setup password at you wireless

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    Default Re: Network Connection Issues?


    Seems to be misconfiguration in your network adapter settings.please make it correct as In Wireless setup DHCP configured and it takes all the settings automatically.So it might be possible that sometimes assigned IP does not resolve to valid subnet mask and default gateway.To resolve this you can reset your Wireless router or can manually check settings after comprising it with other system where internet is properly have to check below settings that should be same with other system:

    IPv4 subnet mask:
    Ipv default gateway:

    You can check it using following steps:start > cmd > ipconfig .

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