This might be a "why don't you just get over it" question but i cant help it , its really annoying me for some reason. Today in school i went to my teacher to ask him could i get permission to print out a report during a class after lunch. He said "u cant go skipping classes to do those things" and i said " no sorry i mean we might have a free class , the teacher said she might not have us today" so he said just say you got permission and i left. Next thing when it came to the religion class the teacher came in so angry yelling at me screaming saying i said to a teacher she was out and that, that teacher said i said i had her next class and i wanted to do a report and all, so it was all misunderstood but i was wondering ...was that him going to her complaining about me or was what was he trying to do? i like that teacher so that's why its doing my head in ha ha!