by dustin hall
Why must people try to disprove God's existence?
Many hateful people will respond to this question. Few kind people will answer. God exists no matter what anyone thinks. I don't see how anyone can disprove his existence. The Bible has been 100% correct in everything that it has said has and is going to happen. It isn't like one person woke up one day, saying to himself, " I'm gonna write a 1000 page book on one person named Jesus and an all powerful creator that has to do with everything in existence". Not very likely. God obviously told people to write something like this. People are just so dead-set on trying to make fools of God and people who have faith. Atheists are atheists until there faced with a life-or-death situation. Then they come real close to God. People can say whatever they want. At least I know that I'm safe from bad people from physically hurting me by hiding under a fake identity on the Internet.

my answer:if you choose to believe that your bible is 100% accurate then you deny all other books of religion that were written. does this mean that those people decided to wake up and write there books about creation? if multiple religions did why is your the only one that is accurate. why is not one of theirs accurate and yours inaccurate? one half of t he bible is from the Torah so does this make Judaism half right? and how do you define god? as a being? physical or spiritual? if god is spiritual then why did Jesus ascend in physical form? if he is physical then the laws of physics will apply and that disproves eternal damnation in a lake of fire.